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The protagonists of this story are the people who inhabit the world; people like you, people like me, who open the doors of their homes to unknown foreign guests, and whose only point in common at the moment of meeting each other is that they are postmen in their respective countries. All through the film, the main characters reveal their way of life and their points of view in order to get to know each other. Soon, they realize that they have not only opened the doors of their house, but also the doors of their heart, to persons who they considered strangers, distant, and different. They become friends and demonstrate that we are all human beings, regardless of skin color, religion, or the development of the country of origin.





The film starts with a brief introduction to the families and subsequently the encounters in the four countries begin. The first encounter is that of a family from Denmark visiting Mexico. The second encounter is between the Mexican family and a family in Japan, and thereafter the Japanese family visits Zimbabwe. The circle is closed when the family from Zimbabwe visits the family in Denmark.


Before initiating the visits, each family expresses their comments on the country that they are going to visit. During their visit they comment on the experiences they have during these encounters.