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Racism and intolerance are big problems in our times. In spite of a widespread technology that can improve communication and understanding, the intolerance seems to be growing instead of decreasing.


It does not help to tell people to stop being racists, and it does not help denouncing them either. Immigrants in most countries are often met with mistrust and distance, which make their daily life even more difficult. The daily racism that hurts most is the one from your neighbor, a human being like yourself.


The media with an enormous amount of information does not help understanding because most television programs try to find the exotic aspects of countries, which finally, to the spectator, make people outside one´s own look peculiar and different.


We have tried to handle the issue differently. We are showing in a positive way, that very common families can become great friends in a very short while, if the will to communication is there. We have made it possible for the spectator to identify with people from far away countries, especially third world countries.


In fact it is very simple, if you look for differences you will find them, if you start looking for similarities, you will also find them.  If you meet people from other latitudes and your first thought is, what do we have in common, instead of taking it for granted that there is a huge difference between you, that change of point of view can make an enormous impact on your perception.


Our aim is to make the spectators take a closer look at their neighbor and stop feeling superior to someone with another skin color.