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Some of the questions that this documentary poses are:


            What prejudices do we have about other countries?

            Who is rich and who is poor?

            What can we learn from sharing experiences with people of other nationalities?

            Are we willing to learn from other cultures?


Why postmen?


Because it’s a job that has existed since the beginning of our time, and it exists in almost all countries of the world. It represents communication and gives us the possibility to film in the streets and neighborhoods where people live.




How did you choose the postmen?


In the four countries a casting was made with families, whose description was obtained through the postal administration or the postal workers´ union in the different countries.



How were the countries chosen?


The four countries were chosen for their contrasts and differences related to:


1. Geographical distance (north, south, east, west) on the world map, representing four      different continents.

2. The difference in level of economic development (from one of the richest countries to one of the poorest)

            3. Differences in religion, climate and language.